Flower Fever

Spring is here! And it's so far been filled with a little bi-polar weather (in Nashville) of beautiful sunshine days and thunder-storming nights. But I love it. 

I also love flowers. I feel so inspired by pinks and florals lately, so here's a little flower power inspiration to help you get through this mid-week hump. 

Continual Learning Resources

After graduating from UCLA with a BA in Anthropology, I relished in the new-found freedom and unstructured environment. But after about a month I started to wonder what was next, what was my next learning goal? 

During my studies at UCLA, I was able to take classes through the Design Media Arts program. I found out about the UCLA Extension program for design the summer going into my junior year and enrolled in some classes while attending the university. It honestly wasn't motivated by any career choice, just a desire to learn more about the medium of graphic design from teachers who actually did it for a living.

Why "Five Ducks" Design?

Names can hold a lot of weight. In sixth grade I had a naming project that required me to research for the origin and meaning of my name. The most meaningful thing I could find for my birth name "Madeline" was that it meant "tower". Which was rather disappointing until today, in the easy world of Google, where I found out that "Madeline" is a Hebrew name for girls meaning "Woman from Magdala, One Who is Elevated, A High Tower". I don't think of myself as elevated, but I mean, that's better than thinking of your name as meaning a cold tall skyscraper building.  

In any case, starting this new chapter of establishing my own business and naming it appropriately felt like a huge weight. It should be something meaningful, should maybe have my name in it, should maybe have the words "design" or "creative" in it as an indication for the business... should it even have an official name? Should I just use my own name?

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