Inspired by Creative Mornings

Inspired by Creative Mornings


This week's inspiration is a little different. It doesn't come from visuals, but rather amazingly talented individuals that showcase their passions once a month. It's called Creative Mornings.

"Creative Mornings" is a breakfast lecture series for the creative community. As stated in their about: 

In 2008, Tina Roth Eisenberg (Swissmiss) started CreativeMornings out of a desire for an ongoing, accessible event for New York’s creative community. The concept was simple: breakfast and a short talk one Friday morning a month. Every event would be free of charge and open to anyone.

It is now worldwide. And extends to Nashville.

Creative Mornings are fun, have included T-Rex's, a deep look at the naming of stock photos, drawing someone you don't know with your eyes closed, and a lot of celebrating. Like three years worth of celebrating. Last week was that official three year mark. Happy Birthday Creative Mornings Nashville!

I went to my first Creative Morning about a year ago, and have since been able to attend five of them. I always seem to end up at the ones presented at Studio 615, although they host the event at various places around Nashville.

I learn something from every single one. Each person or team is essentially telling their story around a designated monthly theme, and every story has something to learn from.

There's been such a diverse group of people coming from many backgrounds, and getting to where they are now in no direct way, that that in itself is inspiring. There's no same path for every person. But there is a lot of love and passion.


Here's some pieces of inspiration from each one that I've attended (click on the name to watch & listen to their whole presentation):

  • Gary Gaston, Ethics
    • This talk really focused on the development of Nashville and the creative changes that they're trying to make to bring the community together.
  • Van Tucker, Change
    • "To deal with chaos (seemingly random change) adaptability and resourcefulness are a must. And sometimes that means rule-breaking." 
    • Before you break the rules, you have to convey the value of change.
  • Harris III, Weird
    • t's not that you're not smart, but it's simple to trick and deceive people... It's because people haven't taken the time to find out how they can be deceived.
    • "To be weird, just be yourself."
    • "Awe and wonder is one of the most beautiful experiences. Especially in the mind of the creative."
    • "Wow," not "how". If we get to how too quickly, it hurts the imagination and creativity. "Let wow breathe a little bit. Eventually you can figure out how later."
    • "Be child-like, not childish."
      • y favorite point^. And at the end of his talk, he made it snow.
  • Perky Bros., Fantasy
    • "To know fantasy means you have to have a hard grasp on reality."
    • "Everyone here has the ability to be fantastic."
    • "Fantastic work takes work."
    • "Why both do it if you're not going to differentiate yourself?"
  • Kristen Chapman Gibbons (video coming), Taboo
    • "Always do things you're scared of that you're not really good at. It's good for your ego."
    • "Eight taboos that you always need to break to stay growing, stay creative:
      1. Don't get too personal. When people know you're a human being, then they care about what you know.
      2. Choose a practical path. 
      3. Pick a focus and only do that.
      4. Other people's needs are more important than your own.
      5. Network with the powerful. You can start where you are and honor what you've already built. Start with who you know.
      6. Have goals, have a plan.
      7. Don't be controversial. 
      8. It shouldn't be easy. Look where you can go with the most ease and grace and just go forward.
    • "Understand that pushing boundaries is the only way to go somewhere you haven't been."

Let me know if you go to a Creative Morning near you! Next month's theme is Beyond.

Special thanks to the team of volunteers that put this together, wake up early, and Colin for being the best host.

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