To a new year

To a new year

Hello! I'd formally like to say HAPPY NEW YEAR! I know we're mid-February here, but at least I didn't wait until 2019? Better late than never ;) 

Honestly it's been a bit crazy in the best way, and this post is to highlight the changes and different projects in 2017 and what's currently going on!

FDD 2017

2017 was a year of change for me. I worked full time for Gannett designing the Tallahassee Democrat features section in Nashville and loved having the opportunity to do that and freelance when time allowed. It was a fantastic company, and I worked with the greatest people (I always seem to be so fortunate in every job I have to work with a great team).

I felt at the start of last year I wanted to do more personal projects that reached out to the community in a small way which resulted in two projects: "Five Ducks Bloom" and "Five Ducks Hatch."

Focusing on ways I could build my technical skills, I was excited to have several logo projects, more photography projects (portraits with Sarah Beth and an engagement session with Emily+ Brett) and work on learning more in After Effects to now be at a place where I can do animations easily.

I also loved getting more involved in the Nashville creative community (one of the most uplifting, collaborative creative environments I've been in) through Creative Mornings.

Getting married in June could have really been enough of a big change, but with it came a big move, a new home, and a new job! Utah was a little tough at first, and I did miss Nashville, but I've really grown to love our new home in Provo.

I also got a new full-time job at Utah Media Group! It's been an amazing opportunity to work for UMG and to be involved in such a variety of projects on different platforms and mediums. If you've seen some of my recent Instagram posts, you'll know that a big project I've been working on is doing all the social media for the Salt Lake Women's Show in April! It's been a huge and fun project and I've felt so passionate about having a platform to encourage and empower and provide quality information to women. I've also got a few other projects I'll definitely be sharing soon, so stay tuned!

Matt and I wrapped up our 2017 spending Christmas with my family in Los Angeles, and New Year's in Rexburg with Matt's family!

FDD 2018

And now... 2018!!! 

My personal project this year is a year-long, every day project. I was about 90% sure I would actually do this even up to the night before. But when I woke up January 1st, I felt so excited and motivated and determined to watch the sunrise every day of 2018. It's also become a little bit of a personal blog as I highlight a thought or piece of inspiration from the day. You can check out all the sunrises here.

I've also started on two big projects for this year, so hopefully I'll be able to share those within the next six months (new company launches can take time). 

Matt and I also have some crazy weekends planned over the next couple months including a trip back to Nashville!! I almost cried when we bought the tickets! 

My goal with Five Ducks Design is to continue to freelance, share more DIY projects, and share some things that I'm inspired by like I did earlier this year with this and this.

Lots of fun things happening, lots of good stuff to share! And thank you for reading and following along on this journey! My greatest hope is you can be inspired too!

My life is not Pinterest perfect

My life is not Pinterest perfect

Emily + Brett

Emily + Brett