crayola crayon advertisement concept

Development and Application of Concept one Below


Concept two

Crayola Crayon Advertisement Concept


Objective: To create an advertisement concept for a well-known company and apply to a magazine and billboard.

I focused on two concepts — one simple, and the other more complex.

The first concept involved using the Crayola crayons themselves as the art piece, to create a larger picture. I bought 2 boxes of 800 count Crayola crayons in 16 colors. I then pieced them together — inter-locking them as much as possible — to create a sunrise. The piece was applied to a billboard design with the tagline: Let imagination out of the box.

The second concept — the more simple — would run in a magazine and act as a coloring page for people flipping through the magazine. Sometimes, there's so many visuals vying for attention in a magazine, that coming to an almost blank page with the challenge, "What will you create today?" would be startling and gain attention. 

Children and adults could draw on the page, and share their creation over social media with #myCrayolaCreation.

Concept two seemed to work best, because, although piecing together about 1,000 crayons was a lot of work, it visually didn't show as well. I still enjoyed choosing to experiment with that concept and executing it like I saw it.

(The font chosen for both concepts was a more messy, but legible, crayon-like font.)

At the end of the project, the crayons were donated to Operation Teddy Bear — a literacy program in the South Bay – Harbor – Long Beach area that focuses on the most underserved first-graders at elementary schools.


*This was done as a class project at UCLA Extension.