Objective: To create a platform that would allow me to share my explorations and can be used as a resource for people planning adventures in those particular places.

I really love to discover and explore. But more than that, I like to share what I've found. When putting a trip together, one of my favorite parts is simply planning it. Friends and family often ask me what to do when they're going to locations I've been to, and I realized that by putting together guides, and setting it up on a platform, I could document my adventures and organize it as a reference for others. 

The platform also allows me to develop a personal project that shares other parts of my life, DIY design projects and/or print-ables, and encourages me to practice my photography. 

The post schedule varies on my available free time, but it's a fun on-going project that I continue to be excited about.

Check out the blog here.

Showcased projects include:

Route 66

California Coasting Driving Guide

Sugar Camp Farm (when I was a WWOOFer for three weeks)

Biking the Strand: Hermosa Beach to Venice

Road Trip: To Las Vegas and Back Again

Los Angeles in a Day

Los Angeles: California Science Center

Malibu: El Matador State Beach

Monthly Inspiration

Tennessee: Nashville & Franklin with April

Seattle: Explore in 3 Days

Utah: Midway Ice Castles

2016 Calendar Printable