with UCLA Extension (class project)
Objective: Reinvent a classic.

"Jaws," a movie by Steven Spielberg, became an American classic in 1975. The iconic "dun dun, dun dun, dundundundundundun" theme song is referenced even today to reflect suspense. 

In the Advanced Typography class at UCLA Extension, we were assigned to create a logotype and campaign for an existing film of our choosing. The catch was the film must only use a one-word name. I chose the iconic "Jaws."

The final chosen concept was taking the iconic music from the movie and putting it into words: da dun da dun dadun dadun dadundadundadundadundadun.

Then changing the colors of the words/lyrics to showcase the shadow of Jaws, and using the credits as drops of blood. I used Adobe InDesign to format, and Adobe Photoshop to liquify the image, giving it a "watery" effect.

Alternative Designs are also shown below.

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