Hello! I'm Maddie. 
And I love to create. Specifically, I love to work with people that are passionate about what they do and create something visually compelling and cohesive that communicates their company message.
Creating experiences through visual communication, I utilize processes and research techniques acquired from my Bachelor of Arts degree in Anthropology from UCLA.
I believe learning is a life-long pursuit and continue to challenge ways of doing things, expanding my understanding of the world, and building my knowledge and expertise in the field of design, specifically in brand development and marketing strategies. 
Although I'm physically located in Provo, UT, I work coast to coast. On any time zone. I'm here for you.

Areas of expertise:
+ Brand identity / Logo design
+ Marketing materials & marketing strategies
+ Event experience design
+ Proposals
+ Packaging
+ Web design 
+ Photography
Why "Five Ducks"?
Originally from Los Angeles, CA, I moved to Nashville, TN in September of 2015. My first three weeks living in Tennessee was spent on Sugar Camp Farm — an organic farm an hour outside of Nashville in Bon Aqua, TN. I cherish all the memories and lessons I learned in those three weeks. One of my favorite parts was hearing their five ducks quacking every morning and waddling around together. It's a reminder of new beginnings and enjoying the journey.
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