Salt Lake Women's Show
This project focused on redefining a 10+ years long women's show in Utah county and designing a brand that will appeal to the current audience of women.
The Salt Lake Women's Show focuses on the latest in fashion, beauty, fitness, home decor, DIY, and much more. There are also speakers to inspire, workshops to learn from, and lots of shopping opportunities. In re-branding, we transformed the Facebook page, created a new Instagram account where I led social strategy and content development. The logo was a play on Wonder Woman and used a strong, serif font. Colors were developed from previous show branding with a horizontal option, a more square option, and a stand-alone icon. 
Event collateral included a logo, magazine, signage, print advertisements, digital advertisements, animations, videos, billboards, letterhead, postcards, tickets, badges, and emails. I was also able to attend the event and take photos. Below are some featured aspects of the show I created.
Social Media
Instagram + Facebook + Twitter
Created printables, wrote blog posts, curated blog content. Featured is a printable I worked on with my co-worker Camille Durtschi — women could print out these images, put it in a picture frame and write on the glass to change the message of why they love themselves. Post here. See full blog here.
Promotional Materials
Postcards were sent out to prospective vendors, newspaper ads were created (from circulation ad size to full page), magazine ads were also created, and a special spadea was created and printed closer to the show.
A magazine was created and distributed to all Deseret News and The Salt Lake Tribune subscribers, and also made for show attendees.

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