Animations Collections
I've had the opportunity to work on fun social media and ad animations. Here is a featured collection of them.
Salt Lake Women's Show
The Salt Lake Women's Show focuses on the latest in fashion, beauty, fitness, home decor, DIY and much more. There are also speakers to inspire, workshops to learn from, and lots of shopping opportunities. I made a Facebook cover video (shown directly below) and numerous animations for the social media feeds seeking to uplift and inspire women.
GT Thrones
GT Thrones is a gaming company. They are selling a game chair that brings the game to life by vibrating at different points of the game (when an enemy is near when you're hit by something, etc.). I created these animations to show the concept of the player being immersed in the game. The concept was developed by Patrick Ross.
Gannett: Tallahassee Democrat
I was able to produce animations for the Tallahassee Democrat after I finished designing the pages. I was also recruited to do a Christmas project encouraging people to help donate gifts to young kids.
Juliana Lawrence: Heels on Wheels
Below is a lyric video I created for Juliana Lawrence's song, "Heels on Wheels."

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