In 2018, I made a resolution to watch the sunrise every day... and I did it. 
It started as a thought a few years back but didn't seem like the right time. For one, after living in Utah for a few months, I was struggling to feel like I had a place here that was special to me — I wanted to discover new places. Another reason was I had an hour commute to work at the time and was tired of getting up in a rush — I wanted to build some more purpose and time into my morning. Lastly, I had the goal of going to bed earlier — but honestly, that goal only improved slightly throughout the year.  
Ultimately this project became my year-long journal and the sunrise became a reminder that each day is a new opportunity. Some days you couldn't see the sun, but it always came through eventually. It's a beautiful reminder and one of my favorite projects I've ever completed. 
2018 will always be special to me because of this project.
You can see the whole day by day here, or view the video below for all 365 in 49 seconds.
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